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We bring to you the knowledge of life to Perth – Western Australia.

Perth Ayurveda integrates the organic healing wisdom of nature; and custom blending the purest herbs, roots, flowers and minerals into individual therapies for complete rejuvenation. With a dedicated team of therapists, who are personally trained in traditional Ayurvedic treatments by Dr Jini, the clinic has helped thousands of people on the path to total wellness.

About Perth Ayurveda

Dr. Jini is a registered medical practioner in Indian system of medicine. She has been practicing Ayurveda for about 15 years including India, Sydney and Perth. In her patient care she emphasizes the importance of an ayurvedic way of living and following an ayurveda diet based on individual dosha type. She excels in designing custom treatment plans ...

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About Ayurveda

The term Ayurveda is composed of two Sanskrit words – Ayu meaning life & Veda meaning knowledge or science. This “Science of Life” originated in India over 5000 years ago, making it one of the world’s oldest health care systems. It is not merely a health care system to treat ailments but a complete philosophy that encourages the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Services

We offer genuine kerala specific ayurvedic therapies for the well being of man kind. Ayurveda is a science, that not only addresses to bodily infirmity but encourages social, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being. We offer side effect free ayurvedic treatment for certain ailments such as arthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, stress and strain, sciatica, ...

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Body Type

Firstly, it is based on the principle that each individual has their own unique body make up known as Constitution or Prakruti, which is determined by the makeup of their parents and becomes apparent at birth. Our complete treatment package deal accommodates customised treatment alternatives, ayurvedic food plan charts, hints on yogic exercises for the situation and ayurvedic recipes that you could try at domestic.

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Body Intelligence

The characteristic of this technological know-how is that every person has a unique physical intelligence. Whilst this intelligence is kept in a balanced state the frame has the capacity to flush out waste products from cell metabolism greater without problems. When the body is unable to frequently flush out those toxins they'll begin to accumulate inside the tissues leading to greater wear and tear on the body, each physically and mentally.

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Womens Health

Traditional restoration has come an extended manner in the area of medicine. Women have turn out to be an increasing number of aware in their health and are actually unwilling to compromise on issues regarding their well being and happiness. Women's health, An Ayurvedic method.

Know your physique "Dosha"

Everything in nature, including your body is made of five Ayurvedic components; space, air, fire, water and earth.

These five components constitute Ayurvedic said by methods for mix of the three body writes, additionally called doshas. These are your physical sythesis and one of a kind as you have a tendency to respond and communicate with your general surroundings. In Sanskrit, the doshas likewise called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


Vata in adjust, advances imagination and adaptability. Vata imbalance, produces dread and nervousness. Physical scatters related with Ayurvedic air component, for example, emphysema, pneumonia and joint inflammation, prevail. The general rules for its adjust of Vata: dress warmly and remain quiet, stay away from crude and icy sustenance and adhere to a customary in your every day life.


Pitta in stability promotes intelligence and effectiveness. Pitta imbalance produces anger and jealousy. Bodily problems related to Ayurvedic hearth detail, along with fever, irritation and jaundice, predominate. The general pointers for balancing Pitta are: warding off immoderate heat, restricting salt consumption. at some stage in hot days to alternate your day rhythm.


Kapha in stability, promotes calmness and forgiveness. Out of stability, Kapha produces greed and envy. Physical problems related to ayurvedic water element, including the flu, sinus congestion and dominate extra mucus. The overall recommendations for balancing Kapha are: staying energetic, getting lots of exercise, warding off heavy, fatty foods, dairy and frozen beverages and alternate in your recurring.

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